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Finally, it’s a real choice for real change – only from Alignment Healthcare.

Alignment Healthcare is a new kind of healthcare organization that puts the focus back where it belongs:
on patients like you.

We supercharge our partner providers and affiliated health plans, giving them new tools, resources and technology to be smarter, more organized and more efficient. The result is a better Medicare experience with an entire team of coordinated care providers managing your health like never before.

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The current care model isn’t working.

Today's Medicare system isn't managed in an efficient way that works effectively for the patients.

  • 01.Some Medicare beneficiaries struggle to make their treatment plans work.
  • 02.Beneficiaries may be shuffled from one provider to another, with limited communication or sharing of patient data between health care professionals.
  • 03.Some beneficiaries may slip through the cracks of the health care system without receiving needed treatment or services

The current model creates a burden on patients to piece together their own treatment plans. The result is often an inefficient, confusing and stressful healthcare experience that fails to put the focus where it belongs: On Medicare beneficiaries like you. We don't think it's fair that the patients who require the highest level of care are the ones getting the run around. Do you?

Our Solution

Alignment Healthcare takes the burden off of you by streamlining your care providers and health plan into a single care team

In effect, you are surrounded with care, as your physician, specialists and the care professionals at our exclusive Alignment Healthcare Centers are able to work with one another to improve your treatment and keep it moving forward – not around in circles.

Coordinated Care

Coordinated care is at the center of Alignment Healthcare's Advanced Clinical Model, and it's revolutionizing the way care is delivered under Medicare. By combining your providers into a single care team, all information about you and your treatment is readily available, so there is no confusion or misdiagnosis. Because all points of your care are coordinated, a larger picture of your health emerges, and your providers are better able to direct the path of your treatment.

No more running around. No more confusion. Just great care—and lots of it.

Preventive Care

We also believe that by increasing your access to care-and offering you more of it-we manage any potential health risks before they become more serious. This is the essence of preventive care, which Alignment Healthcare uses to maintain our patients' wellness and longevity. We make it easier to see your care team because we believe that the more you are in touch with us, the better we can maintain your health and see potential issues coming.

Care Centers

In addition, we're giving our patients even more access to care through our exclusive Alignment Healthcare Centers. Our centers are home to a wide array of preventive health services, as well as the dedicated clinical teams that act in coordination with your primary care physician to provide needed treatment, screenings and care. These centers don't replace your physician's care; they enhance it by providing preventive services close to home and whenever you need them.

Predictive Modeling

We are also embracing new technologies like predictive modeling to bring preventive health to the next level. Using huge amounts of patient data, we can determine what health complications you may be likely to develop over time, and create a long-term treatment plan that prevents these possible conditions from occurring.

Make the Switch

Qualified North Carolina Medicare beneficiaries can access Alignment Healthcare’s new vision of care by choosing certain Medicare Advantage health plans.

Turning 65?

If you are reaching age 65 and entering your Initial Enrollment Period, you can enroll in the plan that works best for your needs as soon as you become eligible for Medicare benefits.

Already on Medicare?

Every year, Medicare beneficiaries can make changes to their health plan selection from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 for benefits that begin on Jan. 1 of the following year. However, under certain circumstances, you may be able to request a Special Election Period from Medicare in order to switch plans outside of the annual election period (AEP).

The Plans

In Wake County, Alignment Healthcare accepts the plans listed below:


  • Humana Gold Plus HMO


FirstCarolinaCare Insurance Company

  • FirstMedicare Direct smartHMO
  • FirstMedicare Direct preferredPLUS


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Chutimar Altizer
North Carolina Market President

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Health Providers

We partner with hospitals and physicians that aspire to lead health care transformation in their communities.

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